EZ Series

Welcome to Noritz, the world's leader when it comes to water heater tank-less technology. We're totally into Noritz because this company has pride of workmanship, and because without a doubt; Noritz has revolutionized the water heater industry for ever. If you believe that wasting your hard earned money goes against your wallet, then upgrade to a Noritz unit because your tank type water heater in your house is draining your wallet 24/7. What's the solution? A State-of-the-Art Noritz Tank-Less Water Heater.  WHY?  Because a Noritz water heater unit doesn't ever waist gas. That's right, thanks to Noritz who's the world leader when it comes to providing water on demand, which is the time when the savings happen. AV's wasting your money everyday with a standard tank water heater, that never stops burning lots of extra natural gas that you're probably paying for.